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I'm Back!!!

Well hey there!  I know it has been quite a while since I have posted anything here.  In fact it has been so long that it would appear that all my blog posts are gone!  Don't know WTF happened with that?  None the less, I will give some quick updates.

1.  Sort of hopped off the bike about 2 years ago or so and have just been spending some time in the gym.  Yep, went back to my gym rat life.  Put on some more weight/muscle and feel better about the way I look now.  But as with everything, I have started to get a little burned out and realized that I wanted to ride again.  I actually figured that out a while back but just haven't been able to make it happen.

2.  My wonder twins are now 18 and both off at college.  One in D.C. at Howard University on a full ride track scholarship studying mechanical engineering and the other out at Salisbury in a masters program for exercise science.  Both are doing well and growing up fast.

3.  My little one is still at home at the age of 12 bei…