I'm Back!!!

Well hey there!  I know it has been quite a while since I have posted anything here.  In fact it has been so long that it would appear that all my blog posts are gone!  Don't know WTF happened with that?  None the less, I will give some quick updates.

1.  Sort of hopped off the bike about 2 years ago or so and have just been spending some time in the gym.  Yep, went back to my gym rat life.  Put on some more weight/muscle and feel better about the way I look now.  But as with everything, I have started to get a little burned out and realized that I wanted to ride again.  I actually figured that out a while back but just haven't been able to make it happen.

2.  My wonder twins are now 18 and both off at college.  One in D.C. at Howard University on a full ride track scholarship studying mechanical engineering and the other out at Salisbury in a masters program for exercise science.  Both are doing well and growing up fast.

3.  My little one is still at home at the age of 12 being active in damn near every club known to man at her middle school resulting in us running all over the damn place and never knowing what time she is actually getting home from school.  She is already being recruited to run cross country next year in 7th grade and the wonder twins high school coach is waiting for her to get there and join his team.  Looking like she will run on the travel track team again over the summer which will prep her for cross country next school year but also wants to swim on our neighborhood swim team as well.  Not quite sure how that one will work out.

4.  Still in the gym about 6 days a week.  Managed to pull a 510 lbs deadlift, bench 265, and squat 425.  That was all in different months mind you and no longer focus on the numbers but rather my physique.  Also competed in another Olympic Weight lifting competition and have realized that while I enjoy doing it, I hated my last 12 week training cycle so much that I have since taken a break from doing much of any of it.  It has slowly become fun again but it just isn't fitting into my workout schedule so of course my speed and technique are suffering.

5.  Built another bike!  Yep I took the plunge.  After the last bike was pretty much totaled due to a fall in the garage while being worked on with the wheels off I finally broke down and have managed to build a nice bike for cheap.  Yep, $150 for my frame and fork!  Slowly I have replaced borrowed parts with high end ones of my own and I'm proud to say that the bike is not 100% mine and there is nothing left borrowed on it!  So far I have managed to log about 100 miles on it but my work schedule and the weather has been keeping me off it.

Have a friend of mine with connections in China that picked me up a set of the infamous "Chinese Carbon" wheels.  Getting them for super cheap but explained that I have been reluctant to ever order them because I'm in the US and if I had any issues I'd be stuck with the bill to send them back and I'm sure even getting that far in the process would be nothing but a headache.  However, my friend was able to speak with them directly, I have a means to make a return if needed free of cost.  So when they show up I will do a review of them and post some pictures.  I have yet to see such a review done on these and only hear people talk about how cheap they are and what not.  Yet the people saying this are always people that have heard it from someone else.  So we shall see first hand here in a couple of weeks.

6.  Goals:  Well, I'm currently signed up to do a 43 mile ride on May 6th.  I signed up for this simply because it is for a good cause and because it is a supported ride.  Most importantly it is mid way through my training time frame and is about half the distance.  The main goal being, my doing the upcoming Sea Gull century ride out in Salisbury, MD where my daughter goes to school.  That ride is in mid October so I have sort of made a plan/goal to increase my riding distance by 10 miles a month.  Of course I'm behind folks!  So far I have only been able to get in a 25.5 mile ride which means over the next few weeks I need to get that mileage up to about 30-35 by the last weekend in April so I'll be ready to go on 5/6.  Barring the weather, I should be able to do that.

7.  The bike.  Well it is an aluminum frame and full carbon fork.  It's a Cannondale Synapse.  Apparently it was a race frame from a team out in Texas which is why you might not have ever seen that color combo and all decals are applied at the factory just like the main Cannondale logo.  Basically,the team ordered them directly from Cannondale and had them painted just for them.  So I must admit that it is nice riding around on a bike out here in MD that NO ONE else has!  As far as my swapping out parts goes, I'm slowing down a bit.  I let my inner weight weenie take over for a bit as I was replacing used parts with ones of my own but am now slowing down to really think about what I want to upgrade and questioning whether or not it is worth the price.  The goal is/was to be down in the sub 16 lb range and I'm sure it is there tho I haven't weighed it.  Hoping to get that done this weekend.  May just have to use my home scale but that is only accurate to the 1/2 lb which sucks but will give me an idea of where I'm at with it.

So there you have it!  1SPD rides again, though I should probably be calling myself 20-SPD!


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