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What next?

So I sit here at my desk waiting for lunch time to roll around so I can go for a ride.  I could go now but also waiting for it to warm up a little more.  None the less, I have been thinking about my next bike project.  I figure this will probably be something I work on over the winter tho ideally would have it done before that.  Just don't quite know how I'm going to finance it just yet.  More on all of that in a minute.

So, I'm waiting for a few more parts to arrive.  I ordered another stem.  Same length but a more aggressive negative angle.  Slowly been working my way back to a lower stem angle and have finally taken the plunge.  Ordered another Zipp Service Corse SL in all black 110 x -17 degrees.  This will generate the slammed stem look as well as get the stem running parallel to the top tube.  My old Zipp was a 100 x -6 or 8 and my current Cannondale is a 110 x -6.  We shall see how this pans out and feels when riding.  Should be interesting.

I also have a new braze …


Well, as I mentioned the last time, I have been building up another bike.  I would have to say that for the most part it is complete.  But is it ever really done?  I think not.  That said, even though it was working and I had something to get out there on, I realized there were somethings I just wasn't that happy with.

For starters, Ultegra!  I hate the looks of the crank and the annodizing color of their parts.  I will admit that I found the 6700 STI shifters to be quite comfortable on the hands but I can't stand the way they work.  I don't mind that you have to twist the actual lever.  But for some reason, the front (left) derailleur dragged.  It took a ton of effort to shift the damn thing even after setting it up over and over.  It just wasn't smooth.  I also disliked that they don't just shift when you hear the click.  It's like you have to go just a hair past the click and then it shifts.  Again, I reset the rear derailleur several times and still experi…