What next?

So I sit here at my desk waiting for lunch time to roll around so I can go for a ride.  I could go now but also waiting for it to warm up a little more.  None the less, I have been thinking about my next bike project.  I figure this will probably be something I work on over the winter tho ideally would have it done before that.  Just don't quite know how I'm going to finance it just yet.  More on all of that in a minute.

So, I'm waiting for a few more parts to arrive.  I ordered another stem.  Same length but a more aggressive negative angle.  Slowly been working my way back to a lower stem angle and have finally taken the plunge.  Ordered another Zipp Service Corse SL in all black 110 x -17 degrees.  This will generate the slammed stem look as well as get the stem running parallel to the top tube.  My old Zipp was a 100 x -6 or 8 and my current Cannondale is a 110 x -6.  We shall see how this pans out and feels when riding.  Should be interesting.

I also have a new braze on derailleur clamp coming.  I had ordered and installed a nice carbon one to shed some weight but during the dialing in process of the derailleur I hear a nice crack and it was done.  So I have been riding an Ultegra fd for the time being.  The new clamp will allow me to install my Sram Red.  Probably won't result in much of a weight savings at this point but at least my drive train will be all one brand!

Carbon Seat update:  Finally got my new Chinese carbon/padded saddle.  Installed it and found that the seat rail design/placement doesn't allow me to slide it back as far as I am currently running my set up.  I also found that the shell does not flex at all.  The padding is thin and compresses easily.  Once you sit on it, it's flat and hard as hell!  So the decision has been made to just slap it on the SS MTB instead.  On the flip side of things I found a brand new take off Bontranger RXL ti railed saddle in the width that I want to try for $39 shipped.  Yes, it weighs about 70g more than my current saddle but it flexes, has the width, and padding that is actually padding!  That should be here by the end of the week.

Scale:  Out for delivery today so perhaps we can get a weight on the bike when I get home today! :)  An accurate weight anyway.  I weighed it a week or so ago using my bathroom scale which only weighs in 1/2 lbs increments and got 15 lbs.  However, I have swapped out some parts (drive train to Red) and I know I shaved some weight on my levers and rear derailleur for sure.  Hoping to see 14 as the big number!

New Project:
I think I want to build a nice track bike or fixie as folks call them now days.  I actually have one already though it is not quite able to be ridden at the moment.  It needs a new rear wheel as the loose ball bearings in the shitty cheap wheel are shot.  I have struggled with buying anything for this bike because I only paid $200 for when I got it.  I believe it to be a Jamis and I swear the frame alone weighs in at close to 10 frickn lbs!  I think my steel SS 29er MTB is lighter than this thing!  But the debate is on.  I can go ahead and work on getting some nice wheels made for it (or the build anyway).  I want to go with some classic high flange Campy hubs second choice would be Philwoods.  But Campy's just because they are vintage.

I can then simply slap them on what I have and roll.  However, that is not quite what I want.  I am thinking I want it to be a very classic looking vintage Italian bike.  So the real debate here is whether I want to buy a vintage road frame with all its chromed lugs or buy a classic track frame.  The down side to the track frame is that I can't run brakes on it due to there being no mounting holes in the frame/fork for them.  I don't feel safe riding in my area without some sort of brakes other than my legs.  So it is looking more and more like a vintage road frame.  The other option is a more modern track frame and go with something fairly light made out of aluminum as carbon would simply be more than I want to spend.  The down side there is that I KNOW I will start trying to make a super light weight fixie and classic parts just won't do.  So I'm definitely leaning towards the vintage direction.  Only time will tell tho.  Wheels will be the first order of business regardless.  Nice, bright polished, high flange, hubs!  Silver spokes, and hopefully, some silver or black low profile rims.  How cool would it be to run some low profile black carbon rims????  Sorry, not paying for that!

So there you have it.  Next post will hopefully have some pics of the bike with new stem, seat, and weight!


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