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TCR Update

Whats up yall?  So I got the Giant built up and have put in 3 rides on it and am quite happy.  So what have I noticed between a newer carbon frame and an older aluminum frame?

1.  My Cannondale isn't much older than the TCR actually.  With that said, Cannondale knows a thing or two about building aluminum frames.  If I were to ever buy an aluminum frame it would be a Cannondale hands down.  Obviously seeing how that is exactly what I did.  They can be found for relatively cheap and be built up very light if you are a weight weenie.  Lets talk ride quality.  Honestly, it doesn't feel much different.  The handling is about the same though maybe a little more road vibration (less dampening).  However they both accelerate about the same, turn in feels about the same, and over all comfort is about the same.  The only difference I can tell as far as comfort is the fact that my stem is slightly lower on the TCR now as I got in my low profile bearing cover for the headset.  Oh, my ba…

Whats New?

What's up all?  Figured I'd give an update as to what has been going down in my little cycling world.

So first of all I completed my organized 44 mile ride this past Saturday.  I say organized because in the cycling world we will all think century ride (which is what I'm training for) and for all other folks out there, think 5K run.  Sponsors, entry fee, rest stops, vendors...  The weather sucked for the most part with temps in the mid 50's, windy, drizzling rain off and on...  None the less all went well.  I stopped at a couple of the rest areas but never consumed any of what they had to offer.  I had my own nutrition plan and food/snacks on board as well as had a friend meet me at the 30 mile rest stop to restock.  All went well despite the weather conditions.

Quite happy with my training so far.  I was quite surprised at how well I rode up hills and while the ride was not a race I constantly found myself dropping people or gapping them on the climbs.  At the same t…