TCR Update

Whats up yall?  So I got the Giant built up and have put in 3 rides on it and am quite happy.  So what have I noticed between a newer carbon frame and an older aluminum frame?

1.  My Cannondale isn't much older than the TCR actually.  With that said, Cannondale knows a thing or two about building aluminum frames.  If I were to ever buy an aluminum frame it would be a Cannondale hands down.  Obviously seeing how that is exactly what I did.  They can be found for relatively cheap and be built up very light if you are a weight weenie.  Lets talk ride quality.  Honestly, it doesn't feel much different.  The handling is about the same though maybe a little more road vibration (less dampening).  However they both accelerate about the same, turn in feels about the same, and over all comfort is about the same.  The only difference I can tell as far as comfort is the fact that my stem is slightly lower on the TCR now as I got in my low profile bearing cover for the headset.  Oh, my bad...the Cannondale weighed in at 14 lbs 12 oz with my carbon wheels and the TCR is 14 lbs 10 oz on the same set up.

2.  Weight:  To my surprise, the TCR came in at just 2 oz lighter than the Synapse.  Granted the TCR is not the SL version which would have netted a little more weight savings.  However, the only difference in my build is the headset bearings, frame/fork, seatpost collar, and the noted headset top cover.  I think that speaks volume for an older aluminum frame!

3.  Pride:  I will admit that I have had a sense of pride riding either of them.  For the Cannondale I think it was a bit of the sleeper affect as well as the paint/color combo.  They never mass produced that frame in those colors so out here on the east cost (it came from TX) it is very rare and many people mentioned and questioned the colors.  The yellow decals simply glow against the matte black paint.  Then after the paint, they start to notice that it is a full Sram Red build with a bunch of custom parts added which for some reason simply blows their mind.  As for the TCR, I sort of feel like every other person out there with a black carbon frame build.  It just blends in with the crowd if you will.  However, it still has all the same trick parts on it and because it is a carbon frame no one really even bothers to look and just assumes, its a nice bike.  So for that part of it I'm somewhat proud.  Even more funny have asked me how much either has weighed.  Just yesterday a UPS driver actually got out of his truck at a traffic light to pick it up.  Said he was really into mountain biking but didn't believe me when I said it was under 15 lbs.  Can't say I have ever had that happen before.

So there it is!  Built up and rolling.  I did start getting some creaking yesterday towards the end of my little ride.  At the moment, I'm thinking that perhaps a chain ring bolt is loose but will also check the BB cups as well.

I was hoping to have a few other things to discuss here but I didn't have a chance to take pictures of them so I will put that together here soon enough.  Basically, I'm going to start reviewing a few parts and nick nacks that I have been using or tried out recently.  So I'll talk about my newer pair of shoes and how they compare to my older ones, my titanium spindles for my pedals, different seats, seat bags, brake/shifter cables, computer mount, and an update on my Chinese carbon rims pictured above.

Hope everyone gets out for a ride!  Stay active folks!


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