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What's up all?  Figured I'd give an update as to what has been going down in my little cycling world.

So first of all I completed my organized 44 mile ride this past Saturday.  I say organized because in the cycling world we will all think century ride (which is what I'm training for) and for all other folks out there, think 5K run.  Sponsors, entry fee, rest stops, vendors...  The weather sucked for the most part with temps in the mid 50's, windy, drizzling rain off and on...  None the less all went well.  I stopped at a couple of the rest areas but never consumed any of what they had to offer.  I had my own nutrition plan and food/snacks on board as well as had a friend meet me at the 30 mile rest stop to restock.  All went well despite the weather conditions.

Quite happy with my training so far.  I was quite surprised at how well I rode up hills and while the ride was not a race I constantly found myself dropping people or gapping them on the climbs.  At the same time, I rode an average speed of 16.8 mph for the ride which is right on par with my training rides.  I honestly had to keep telling myself to slow down to the point that I found myself laughing at times.

So what's new with the bike?  Well, it is working great.  Rode my carbon wheels for the event and that went good as well.  It was windy but for some odd reason, I did not feel affected by it nearly as much as I did on my recovery ride the next morning and the winds were about the same.  My attempt at finding another saddle has been on hold and I did the ride with my original, narrow as F@#* Selle SLR saddle and it went well.  Guess my butt is just getting used to it again.  Aside from getting some crushed rock mess from a parking lot jammed up in my cleats making it difficult to get clipped in all went well mechanically speaking.

I will admit that yes, my butt was getting sore at about mile 35 or so as was my back and my legs were getting tired.  But most happy to report that I had no cramping what so ever so that is a win in my book.  So for now, I'll keep rolling with my training plan and add some different back exercises to my gym workouts on back day!

Recover is key folks.  I made it a point to foam roll and stretch that night as well as the next morning then did a very SLOW 15 mile ride.  My goal was to keep my HR below 150 if not 140.  In the end my average was about 121 and my max was 151 so I'll call that a success as well.  Funny how much you can actually observe when the pace slows down and you are just tooling along.  The bottom line is that between the foam rolling, stretching, and the recovery ride, I felt frickn great!  Yes the butt was a little tender but not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Everything else felt pretty loose and my legs would only start burning (sooner than normal) on some of the climbs.  I will admit that it was a bit of an odd feeling doing a complete ride and never feeling out of breath or tired!

Ok, so I mentioned the bike.  While all is working well I will admit that when I started building it my goal was to get something that I liked and was able to afford.  Ok, more so afford.  I wanted carbon but knowing I had to buy an entire bike, I opted to find a cheaper option which resulted in my Cannondale Synapse frame/fork (aluminum).  The coolest thing about that frame aside from the fact that it is indeed very light weight is the color.  Cannondale never mass produced that color way!  It was a special order for a local cycling team out in Texas.  So when I ride it around here, I get a lot of looks and am frequently asked what model it is (one because it is an old frame).  So that has been cool seeing how there were a ton of Cannondales at the ride last weekend.

None the less, I managed to find a good deal on an older Giant TCR Advance carbon frame/fork.  I used to have an aluminum one when they first came out when I worked at a shop but opted to sell it and keep riding the Colnago I had.  In any case, I have a new frame on the way!

For the most part, everything should cross right over though I'm sure I'll have to dick around with my cables again.  Hate messing with those things.  Just a pita since they are the beaded style if you will and I'll probably have to swap out my inner cables as well.  I may have to get another seatpost however as this frame does have a slight compact geometry which will my my current one won't belong enough.  Fortunately, I have the exact same seatpost on my mountain bike but in a 400mm length so I can use that temporarily until a new one can be sourced.  Am thinking that since I'll have a carbon frame that I'll try to find a carbon post and right now I'd say I'm leaning towards the Zipp SL. Yes there are others lighter but they cost significantly more.  I'll also have the option of going with a zero or 20mm set back but again, won't know until I get it built up and ride it. Guess we shall see.

Also ordered a new chain as I believe I cut mine a little too short but this time am going to go with an 11 spd chain as it is slightly lighter and still fits all cog teeth.  So same chain, but 11 spd.  I'll just make sure I add a couple links over what the old one is.  KMC X11-SL in gold of course!

I also ordered a new headset top cap (the cap that covers the bearings right under the stem) so I can officially slam my stem.  That was the plan for the Synapse but now will have to see how it feel on the TCR.  No picture of that  at this point but it will drop the stem about 3mm more.  Nothing crazy mind you but it will definitely be slammed finally!

Lastly, I ordered a new Garmin mount.  Nothing special but did go with the K-Edge aluminum one.  Yes, it will weigh more than my tuned Garmin one but unfortunately, that one doesn't put the head unit centered on the stem.  The part that wraps around the stem makes contact with the stem so it annoys the piss out of me every time I look down at it and it is off centered.  I had another one that sits center but for some reason tilts at an angle.  Just can't frickn win here!  So we shall see how this works out now.

I suspect that all this stuff will show up some time next week which means I won't get the bike built up until next weekend some time (more like pulling an all nighter on Friday so I can ride it Saturday!).

So that is about it for now folks.  Will definitely post up pics once built.  None the less, heres a pic of the Synapse from the ride last Saturday!  I must say, the decals on this bike definitely stand out and they aren't even a neon color!


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