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Supplements, shoes, rides...

What's up yall?

So I'll start with the bike and the riding.  I will admit that I was starting to get stressed about not getting in the mileage that I need in order to be ready to ride a century ride in October.  Yes, I know that is a few months out still but damn if I haven't been able to get a ride in longer than 43 miles or so.  I would finish those rides and just feel beat.  Most of those rides had between 2500-3000 feet of elevation which is way more than I'll have to do for the century route but none the less, I was stressing.  I was also making some nutritional mistakes as well as training errors.  By that I mean, I would somehow have the time to get in a longer ride but hadn't eaten for it because I didn't know it was going to happen.  Same goes for training.  I'd have a leg workout the day or two before and then my legs would feel like lead the entire ride.

Finally, this past weekend, things came together.  I knew my route.  Had eaten well enough t…

Tech Talk...and stuff!

I'll simply start by saying that we have somehow managed to string together a few beautiful days lately here in Maryland.  Took this picture yesterday while on my lunch time recovery ride.  I say recovery ride because I ended up doing a workout with my small group (I'm a personal trainer part time) and it killed my legs.  I'm actually posting this 2 days after the workout and I can still barely walk.  Legs are super stiff so I guess today will be another recovery ride!

In any case, I said I would start trying to add some little reviews of bike tech here and there.  Since I finally remembered to take some pictures of a couple of products I have recently started using I figured it was time!

First off I'll talk about my saddle bag.  Yes, that little bag that hangs under the seat.  I have tried many different styles.  Found a couple I liked and many that I did not.  I have one main problem and that is my inner thighs rubbing on the straps.  Yes, my legs are frickn huge...…