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I'll simply start by saying that we have somehow managed to string together a few beautiful days lately here in Maryland.  Took this picture yesterday while on my lunch time recovery ride.  I say recovery ride because I ended up doing a workout with my small group (I'm a personal trainer part time) and it killed my legs.  I'm actually posting this 2 days after the workout and I can still barely walk.  Legs are super stiff so I guess today will be another recovery ride!

In any case, I said I would start trying to add some little reviews of bike tech here and there.  Since I finally remembered to take some pictures of a couple of products I have recently started using I figured it was time!

First off I'll talk about my saddle bag.  Yes, that little bag that hangs under the seat.  I have tried many different styles.  Found a couple I liked and many that I did not.  I have one main problem and that is my inner thighs rubbing on the straps.  Yes, my legs are frickn huge...not.  None the less, when the strap goes around the seat post to keep the bag from swinging I find that they all seem to rub on my legs.  Aside from simply being irritating to me it also starts to generate wear spots in my shorts which definitely cost more money than the saddle bags.

I am currently running the small Speed Sleeve and must admit that I am very pleased with it!  It is very compact, sits up behind the saddle, and most importantly, it doesn't rub my legs at all!

This little gem is basically a series of straps sewn together with different size pockets in it.  You then roll it up it is secured shut with Velcro.

As you can see in these pictures, once rolled up, it is quite clean and discrete.  I should note that it comes with a little rain cover that is rather snug and somewhat challenging to get on but how often do you really need to take it on and off.

There are actually slots for 2 Co2 cartridges but I opted to carry just one and put my mini tool on the opposite side.  The tool does not fit in the Co2 slot however it still packs in there just as nice right next to the tube.  I will add that the company does make a large version of this same pack/bag and I may actually order one for my MTB here soon.

So for me, this little rollup saddle bag gets a solid two thumbs up!  It doesn't rub my legs, looks clean and compact.  This coming from someone who hates strapping things on their bike.  However, I also hate cramming all that crap in my jersey pockets even more.  Just amazing hontestly!  Love this thing.  Cost was about $35 shipped if I remember correctly.

Second I'll talk about lighting.  I have a couple different light set ups.  Ok, I should say I have a helmet mount full blown night riding light but I'll talk about that some other time.  Today I'm going to talk about a Surfas tail light.  My buddy actually gave this to me for helping him out with some other parts.  Sort of a swap I should say.  While I already had a rubber style, wrap around your seat post light that works really well, I figured why not try out something else.  I have multiple bikes so now I have multiple lights.  Yay!

I love the slim design that basically runs right in line with my seat post.  Again, I can mount it low enough on the post (right where the post comes out of the frame) and have no rubbing issues on my legs!  That comes close to making it a winner right there.

The strap is large enough (will stretch enough) to go around the larger seat posts out there now (31's) and still holds secure on the last loop when on my 27.2 without spinning or sliding around.

It is also rechargeable as you can see from the last picture.  Yep, grab the USB cable that came with it or one of the 5000 you probably already have around the house and plug it in!  It has 4 different settings between constant or solid on full power, solid half power (???), strobe full power, and strobe half power (dimmer).

Here's a link to the above page:

Quite an amazing little light I must say!

So that about does it for bike tech for me this time around.  But for an update, the Chinese carbon wheels are still rolling strong.  Still true and loud (love that the cassette is so loud!!!).  I do swap them out with my Mavic Ksyrium Elite's which have proven themselves to be quite bomb proof as well.  I did add some new Tufo tires to the carbon wheels but I'll write those up next time after I get a few more miles in on them.

I know I mentioned this in an earlier post but I believe I have finally found a saddle that works for me.  I snagged a buddies extra saddle a few weeks back and tried his.  Fizik Arione.  I had one years ago and it didn't fit me well.  Somehow over the years, my body has changed and I will say that so far it has been great.  So great that I managed to get a full blown carbon/kevlar version off Ebay for $145!  Deal of the month for sure!  Looks brand new but as we all know, the most import thing here is that my butt likes it!  Yay!


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